Fishermans Solution

$122.80 $122.80

Adjustable blade locks into position from 6″ to 9″.



Features an extendable, flexible high-carbon, stainless steel blade, pivoting sheath/gripper, built-in line cutter, and hook sharpener/sharpening stone. Adjustable blade locks into position from 6″ to 9″.

Additional Information

  • Made in America
  • Ultra-sharp straight-edge – Cutco’s razor-sharp, straight-edge knives can be maintained and sharpened at home.
  • Extendable blade – Extends from 6″ to 9″ to be used with a variety of catches.
  • Notched line cutter – This built in accesory is used to trim fishing line on the go.
  • Gripper – Aids in pulling hook
  • Sharpening stone – Dull hook? Not any more. Sharpen hooks anywhere.
  • FREE sharpening – we will sharpen, hone, buff, repair and if necessary replace your Cutco knives and accessories for FREE with Cutco’s Forever Guarantee.
  • Guaranteed Forever


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